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Guilds looking for players

XII still on AG

If you still at AG and want a active PvX guild XII is still on AG and we recruiting find me in game :ostpanzer.1475
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Guilds looking for players

[GTDM] | PvX | International

We have come to the calls of Aurora Glade! We are here to ally with other AG Guilds and strike back fear and terror into the very souls of our enemies! The army is here - The Alliance is here, ready to command and be set loose onto the enemies of ...
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Guilds looking for players

III - Third Legio

Third Legio THIS is who we are CURRENT RECRUITMENT STATUS Elementalist Low Engineer Closed Guardian Closed Mesmer Low Necromancer Low Ranger ...
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Guilds looking for players

[AG] All In Guise (Aurora Glade Community Guild)

Dear AllAurora Glade has been quiet as of late and I wish to kick some life back into our somewhat neglected community guild. [AG] is currently a Level 24 WvW guild, which is by far the highest level an AG community guild has gone. So, here we go....
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Guilds looking for players

[PUG] Puglicious

[PUG] is recruiting! We are a PvX/WvW focused guild based on Aurora Glade We are a friendly guild for PvE, PvP and WvW all are welcome within our ranks, new to the game? new to wvw? or maybe just wanting to pick up some tips or new play styles the...
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Guilds looking for players

[CA] Chosen Alliance

Guild has moved server. No longer recruiting on Aurora Glade - Admin We are an international guild focused on World versus World.Main focus is open field fighting.We have been based on Aurora Glade since the beginning and have no intention of movi...
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Guilds looking for players


[WIN] Warriors In NightPvX guild.1. You must be as active as possible2. Rep as much as you can3. We currently have a level 44 Guild hall (any contributions welcome)4. We do WvW raids on a Monday once a week for 2 hours5. Guild missions on a Saturd...
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Guilds looking for players

[Bzzz] Electrical Stick

WvW focused guild we offer:- Solid 15-20 man group- 4 Raids a week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday- Training and guidance for the new players- Competent mandatory builds and team compositions- Mature environtment with experienced playersWe as...
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Guilds looking for players

[XII] Aurora Legion

______________________________________________________________________Hey !! There!! & Welcome to the [XII] recruitment postFirst some info about Our Guild :[XII] Aurora Legion founded at December 2012 and it's based on Aurora Glade server,by ...
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Guilds looking for players

[PUSH] Constant Pressure

[PUSH] have reformed and come back to Aurora Glade.As a guild we're a bunch of jokers with quite a dark sense of humour. We swear, we laugh and generally take the piss out of each other in less than polite ways. We all have lives outside of GW2 ...
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Guilds looking for players

WOLF - Wolves of Asaheim

Thread deleted.
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Guilds looking for players

[WIN] Warriors In Knight

Warriors In Night [WIN] | Aurora Glade PvX guild | Are starting back up in WvW | A small roaming group looking for new recruits | interested ? | mail me for more info :)
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Guilds looking for players

Warriors In Night [WIN]

Warriors In Night is an international guild that has been formed for people with a mature, relaxed approach to gaming, who want a friendly, social environment in which to enjoy their adventures around Tyria. Having the right attitude is much more ...
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Guilds looking for players

Leaping Knights (JUMP)

Hello Aurora Glade,meet the Leaping Knights (JUMP)!JUMP is a a very colorful, international and fun loving group of people that has become a group of friends with guild meetings in real life and hours of talking or goofing around in ts. We just en...
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Guilds looking for players

[NV] Nameless Veterans

Nameless Veterans [NV]First and formost hello AG! We r a small growing guild who just transfered to Aurora Glade, who are looking for some active players to join our ranks and go smash in some skull on the borderlands. Our main motto so to say is ...
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Guilds looking for players

Jade Reapers [JD]

Jade Reapers are an European international guild on Aurora Glade server. In Guild Wars 2 our focus is on creating a community that essentially welcomes everyone to it, Male, Female, Casual, Hardcore, new to the genre or an MMO Veteran.We are doing...
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