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CA Crash The Server Open Mic!

Hey guys! For my last raid lead ever :'( on AG I am going to be trying to crash the server! Or at least make those Germans flip their tables in rage at lags.The idea, bring as many pets, minions, spirit weapons, etc you can! Yes, I said SPIRIT WEA...
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SP Open Mic - wed 22nd feb

Shadow Prisoners will be hosting an open mic from 8:30 CET next wednesday (22nd). Myself or Tchoo Tchoo will be leading. Anyone welcome, this is for the community, and we will be attempting to do one every wednesday or every other wednesday from ...
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The King and Queen's Horrorween 2016

Please see the Original Post for all information and entering competitionsSomewhere in Kryta a large wooden door has silently materialized and ominously creaked open, a cold wind lazily blows through the cracks in the door’s frame.Peering through ...
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[FILM] Miss Guild Wars 2016 you pretty enough to participate in Miss guild wars 2 (EU) 2016 ?? How to participate ? 1- Send us your info (Character name, Race, Class) in Game at: Fake Smile \ Guild Grandmaor 2- Log into our Site...
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Fashion Contest

Greetings everyone! 📣[FILM] is working on a new project/video; in collaboration with Gamezone Inc. Only (Human, Norn) Can participate ''Exceptions can be made for Sylvari ❗️'' you will be competing with many other players! (best looking character...
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How Well Do You know...?

Hello World! ♥️I'm back with a new game that will encourage you to search for certain things and seek answers. 🔍🔓👓The main concept of this game is to see how well do you know lions arch by answering certain questions based on your experience of ex...
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Jade Reapers 10th Birthday party - Win Legendary weapon Quip

Jade Reapers is 10 years old!!! \o/Celebrate 10 amazing years with us!Participate in our events and mini games and win some of the awesome prizes Over 6,000 gold in prizes are waiting for you!Join us on July 10th 2016 in Lion’s Arch, EU Region!Sta...
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Open raid on sunday by JUMP

Dear Aurora Gladians,unfortunately our open raid can't take place today due to social contact ;-) Have a great evening with lots of loot !!!Lovely greetings,Bambi & JUMP
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Open Easter Raid by JUMP

Dear people of Aurora Glade,this sunday JUMP will present a special holiday open raid! So, join us for some EASTER FUN! And don't forget to dress up nicely (bunny ears or spring outfits required ;-))OPEN RAID on SUNDAY starting on ETERNAL BATTLEGR...
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Aurora Guardians Public Event [AI]

Hello Gladians,For the people that don't know me I am Blue from AI and also doing a few open leads here and there. February the 12th on a friday I will host a All Guardian raid on Eternal Battlegrounds for some hardcore fun and to put guardians on...
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Jade Reapers: Winter Wonder Festival

Hello everyone,Jade Reapers will be hosting same as last year Winter Wonder Festival.27th of december.2:30 pm – 6:00 pm CET.Divinity’s Reach – EU.Join in the fun! We are hosting several mini games and give away awesome prizes!Main prizes: Precurso...
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III's Rocking around the Wintersday T(h)ree

Greetings everyone!In honor of the holiday spirit, [III] will be hosting an Open Raid followed by a mini party on the 22nd of December at 7pm GMT/8pm CET. Dress up in your fuzziest armor, bring your friends, minis and Wintersday tonics and join us...
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III's Spooky Scary Raid!

Third Legio’s Spooky Scary Raid!Thursday 29th October, Aurora Glade Borderland, 7pm BST/8PM CETGreetings WvW fans!To celebrate Halloween in style, [III] will be hosting an Open Raid with a twist! Come along as your Spooky Necro or dress your main ...
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Join us on TS peeps..
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EVENT Commander Training by Bassett [icU] [Pure] 15.8.2015

Here's an link to the event page :) to my commander guide on website:
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Maybe New Event Possibility?

Hello fellow AG boys & grillsThis weekend really late at night we were just having some random fun on border when we decided to do a random event.We were at that moment ~15 ppl 5 commanders.What we did was this.Still a big ER blob on the map.1...
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[EVENT] How long can we go?

Hey everyone!You may or may not know me (If you don't, hi, I'm Argwulf! :)) and if you know me you should also have noticed that I've been on quite the slacking break from GW2 for the past months. I feel like I should make up for this slack-a-thon...
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Jade Reapers 9th Birthday Party!

Jade Reapers 9th Birthday Party!Jade Reapers [JD] are getting 9 years old and we would like to invite you all to our Anniversary!Celebrate with us on July 12th 2015 at 7 PM CET in the new beautiful Lion's Arch (EU Region)!Like on every event of o...
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RiOT open Mic

Dear friends,From now on RiOT will go open mic every reset!We will pressure the strongest borderlands and come and help wherever we are needed.See you guys on friday. 8)P.S. Will be tagging blue during the week as well from time to time.
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III Open Invite Raid

Hey folks.So I wanted let everyone know that III will be doing a Open Mic event... with a twist. First I should explain what and why :PWe will not be doing the usual open mic raid situation where everyone is free to jump into the Borderland Channe...
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