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[Pinned] The inevitable is happening: WvW World Restructuring

I'm putting this into the discussion thread rather than the News Section, as there is a scope for discussion here. Original Post can be found Here:A message from McKenna Berdrow:I want to update everyone on the design we currently are investigatin...
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[Pinned] Website and TS3 verification.

Greetings and welcome to the Aurora Glade Community. Both our website and Teamspeak have verification processes which protect some sections of the service for people who are on Aurora Glade. These systems are separate and different so please read ...
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Dear AG players,Kazoku is new on this server and this forum.Were a wvw guild and are wondering what is left on this server in terms of wvw force.We run about 15/20 on raids and run open raids for those who join teamspeak3. Were still recruiting ne...
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[GTDM] Make AG Great Again! has come to the calls of our allies!We're building a pure AG community, with 5 Guilds in our alliance, getting free to play players to join and buy the game and then to transfer to AG. We are also getting an influx...
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new guild moved to ag

hi all the guild fly like a bird Free has joined ag we are planning on focusing on wvw we have all wvw upgrades in the guild just need some peeps to follow the tag and possibly join the guild i am a returning player to ag as i have been here befor...
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Patch Notes 26.07.16 (UPDATED)

LIVING WORLD The first episode of Living World Season 3, Out of the Shadows, is now available for those who have purchased Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. Please review our FAQ for details on how to unlock episodes for free.Out of the ShadowsFollow...
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News Feed and Whatnot....

Afternoon my loveliesJust a general FYI, I will be working with the admins on the News Feed from this week. If you wish to highlight any Events/Community News, please feel free to pm me on site or ig. (trolls need not apply 😜 )I would like to tha...
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You Deserve A Reward! [Updated]

Greetings Aurora, One of the best ways to keep the motivation levels high is to reward the hard work and effort of several stunning players. The least thing to do is to say Thank you! . As long as I’m online in WvW; I have decided to reward every ...
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The Positive Vibe ;-)

Greetings all,I am using this oppurtunity to wish you all een Happy Newyear, and also to thank you for being a awesome community that gave me fun relaxing hours with friendly peeps and still do.Sometimes That has to be said there is sadness and ne...
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Forgotten Dreams [FD] migrating to Aurora Glade

Ciao Aurora Glade!I'm here to inform you that our guild, Forgotten Dreams [FD] is about to move to your borderland.We are a friendly and community oriented italian PvX guild, and we've been playing together since the headstart (some of us at least...
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[PUG]'s HoT Give Away art contest

An idea I have wanted to do for a while now and with the WvW borderland changing soon I thought this would be a wonderful theme for the contest.So the theme for this art contest is World vs World!Some basic rules to keep it fair and open to EVERYO...
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News & Announcements

PSA: Guild missions news for those who had missions planned either Saturday or Sunday this week.
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HoT - discussion, predictions, hype, doubts and rage

So what do you guys think?I think that after stripping that announcement of PR speech, they did not provide much substance for 2,5 years of waiting. Devils is in details though and since they left out sooo much stuff, I hope they are going to deli...
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16/03 Patch

-WvW maps no longer required for world completion. And hopefully no more RiOT jokes about skill points as well yay!- The change of camera view. First person look cool, and with field zoom i can get some nice close up on my skimpy chars. Nothing sp...
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Guild Brotherhood of the Chosen [BOTC] transferred to Aurora Glade

Hello Aurora Glade!!!!I wanted to inform u that our Guild Brotherhood of the Chosen [BOTC] transferred to Aurora Glade Server a few days ago.We were scattered over all EU-Servers basically but we’ve been playing together for a long time now and we...
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JD considering rejoing to wvw

I talk to leader of JD Bruticus.We discuss possible joining to wvw, all we need is nice commander who will teach us from scrap.
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TS3 Servergroup Reset

Hello all, as of now, AG Defender and Commander server groups are reset(groups that allow access to WvW channels). Purge is to remove all who left recently. Sitting (clone) in verification channel to help you guys back in.Idea time due to it being...
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Resuming Teamspeak service for AG

Hello all,As of now is once more active and ready to cover all your communication needs.We have moved servers to a European host resulting in you noticing a latency improvement between 70-120 ms on your connection.We also are rou...
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Access to WvW Section

Due to a community vote, the access to ALL wvw sections has been restricted to a private area for those who have been verified to belong on Aurora Glade. There are currently two ways to gain access to the WvW private section. FirstTake a screen sh...
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TS Service Downtime

As some of you have possibly noticed over the past couple months there are some problems with permissions on our TS Server resulting in you coming online and finding that you can no longer do something you were able to do just the day before.The p...
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