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What do goal do you think fits us best?

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#13506409 Oct 31, 2017 at 01:16 PM · Edited 9 months ago
3 Posts has come to the calls of our allies!

We're building a pure AG community, with 5 Guilds in our alliance, getting free to play players to join and buy the game and then to transfer to AG. We are also getting an influx from all over the web and in game, from players from other servers transferring - to us.

Aurora Glade is our birth place and home for LIFE. We are here to fight with you and restore our server's honour. We're about to finish our last few wvw upgrades, including StoneMist and we will be helping with siege, upgrades and defense. We will be doing many wvw missions, and daily on. We are a 24/7 Guild we even have USA players, and Ausies, etc. As we plan to become the biggest - closed - community - PURE AG Guild, fighting to support our other AG brothers!

We have the Aurora in our glow and we're ready to give the enemies a massive blow!

This is a rally call, rise up AG we're ready to serve you.

[Whoops made type with poll XD] My Norn fingers!
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