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#12852320 Nov 13, 2016 at 08:23 PM
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[WIN] Warriors In Night

PvX guild.

1. You must be as active as possible
2. Rep as much as you can
3. We currently have a level 44 Guild hall (any contributions welcome)
4. We do WvW raids on a Monday once a week for 2 hours
5. Guild missions on a Saturday
6. Guild dungeon runs on a Sunday
7. Anything in between on the weekdays
8. We are a friendly guild willing to help out anyone
9. Teamspeak is required or Very highly recommended
10. Our WvW division consits of around 10+ players (PPT, help any commanders out, fight, Roam)

Whisper any of our officers for more information or an invite. (WvW raid leader Pixel.1790), Triannon.8034, Lectroz.7034, Ryuuden.5691.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day.
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