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Hey !! There!! & Welcome to the [XII] recruitment post
First some info about Our Guild :
[XII] Aurora Legion founded at December 2012 and it's based on Aurora Glade server,by Ostpanzer (Guild leader) Fenris Blackrange(Officer) and Lol Thacaray(Officer).
[XII] is a Level 51 Englishspeaking PvX guild, that means we play all ascpects of the game as guild (PvE PvP WvW).
What we offer :
Guild misions every monday 20:00 Cet
PvE Raids (team is under construction and time/date tbh)
Chill out enviroment,fun times ,helpfull officers and members, family friendly, Guild buffs 24/7
What we are looking for :
Active players,willing to learn and help others players
For PvE Raids we have Raid leader you can ask him directly what you must have to join the PvE raids
We have 1 team from 5 players that in the past season reached the rank of 7 in the GW2 leaderboard.
We looking for ppl to expand to pvp gameplay by creating and another PvP team
We offer PvP Arena in our Guild Hall for PvP training
At we WvW we are Defenders of borderland ,small group operations(Havoc),scouts and roamers but from time to time we like to jump in big battles.We also provide to the server 3 Pug commanders if needed.
Also we have a WvW raid for fun every Thursday 20:00 cet for 2 hours.
General Recruitment Policy:
You must be over 18 years old
You must represent the guild 100%(ofc u can have ur personal guild for bank )
You must behave and not causing trouble or drama in guild chat or to the guild
You must have some sense of humor
You must be willing to change armor/build as the raid leader says
Teamspeak is Mandatory
Last but not least YOU HAVE TO LOVE BACON!!
If you decide to join us you can stay with us for a month to test us and after a month u will be asked if you want to stay or not ,then you can leave or be a full member of XII LEGION
People to conduct: Ostpanzer.1475 (Guild leader) Harris.7964(Guild co-founder) Macross.1732(PvE Raid Leader)Fokozuynen.8206(WvW Raid leader)

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I think i know this guild. XD
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#10942160 Dr Foko wrote:

I think i know this guild. XD

rly now foko? u dead again?XD
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