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[Pinned] The inevitable is happening: WvW World Restructuring

I'm putting this into the discussion thread rather than the News Section, as there is a scope for discussion here. Original Post can be found Here:A message from McKenna Berdrow:I want to update everyone on the design we currently are investigatin...
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News & Announcements

[Pinned] Website and TS3 verification.

Greetings and welcome to the Aurora Glade Community. Both our website and Teamspeak have verification processes which protect some sections of the service for people who are on Aurora Glade. These systems are separate and different so please read ...
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Guilds looking for players

XII still on AG

If you still at AG and want a active PvX guild XII is still on AG and we recruiting find me in game :ostpanzer.1475
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Dear AG players,Kazoku is new on this server and this forum.Were a wvw guild and are wondering what is left on this server in terms of wvw force.We run about 15/20 on raids and run open raids for those who join teamspeak3. Were still recruiting ne...
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Guilds looking for players

[GTDM] | PvX | International

We have come to the calls of Aurora Glade! We are here to ally with other AG Guilds and strike back fear and terror into the very souls of our enemies! The army is here - The Alliance is here, ready to command and be set loose onto the enemies of ...
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News & Announcements

[GTDM] Make AG Great Again! has come to the calls of our allies!We're building a pure AG community, with 5 Guilds in our alliance, getting free to play players to join and buy the game and then to transfer to AG. We are also getting an influx...
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News & Announcements

new guild moved to ag

hi all the guild fly like a bird Free has joined ag we are planning on focusing on wvw we have all wvw upgrades in the guild just need some peeps to follow the tag and possibly join the guild i am a returning player to ag as i have been here befor...
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Guilds looking for players

III - Third Legio

Third Legio THIS is who we are CURRENT RECRUITMENT STATUS Elementalist Low Engineer Closed Guardian Closed Mesmer Low Necromancer Low Ranger ...
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Guilds looking for players

[AG] All In Guise (Aurora Glade Community Guild)

Dear AllAurora Glade has been quiet as of late and I wish to kick some life back into our somewhat neglected community guild. [AG] is currently a Level 24 WvW guild, which is by far the highest level an AG community guild has gone. So, here we go....
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Guilds looking for players

[PUG] Puglicious

[PUG] is recruiting! We are a PvX/WvW focused guild based on Aurora Glade We are a friendly guild for PvE, PvP and WvW all are welcome within our ranks, new to the game? new to wvw? or maybe just wanting to pick up some tips or new play styles the...
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Guilds looking for players

[CA] Chosen Alliance

Guild has moved server. No longer recruiting on Aurora Glade - Admin We are an international guild focused on World versus World.Main focus is open field fighting.We have been based on Aurora Glade since the beginning and have no intention of movi...
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CA Crash The Server Open Mic!

Hey guys! For my last raid lead ever :'( on AG I am going to be trying to crash the server! Or at least make those Germans flip their tables in rage at lags.The idea, bring as many pets, minions, spirit weapons, etc you can! Yes, I said SPIRIT WEA...
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SP Open Mic - wed 22nd feb

Shadow Prisoners will be hosting an open mic from 8:30 CET next wednesday (22nd). Myself or Tchoo Tchoo will be leading. Anyone welcome, this is for the community, and we will be attempting to do one every wednesday or every other wednesday from ...
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Players looking for Guilds

Looking for a guild!

Hi, I've been playing on AG for a while now with a friend and we have a small guild that we've played in by ourselves, unfortunately opportunity to grow skill wise in PvP and PvE is limited because well...its just us.I'm looking for an all-rounder...
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Guild Recruitment

Looking for guilds?

Check the subforums or the following links!WvW GuildsPvE Guilds
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Guilds looking for players


[WIN] Warriors In NightPvX guild.1. You must be as active as possible2. Rep as much as you can3. We currently have a level 44 Guild hall (any contributions welcome)4. We do WvW raids on a Monday once a week for 2 hours5. Guild missions on a Saturd...
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The King and Queen's Horrorween 2016

Please see the Original Post for all information and entering competitionsSomewhere in Kryta a large wooden door has silently materialized and ominously creaked open, a cold wind lazily blows through the cracks in the door’s frame.Peering through ...
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[FILM] Miss Guild Wars 2016 you pretty enough to participate in Miss guild wars 2 (EU) 2016 ?? How to participate ? 1- Send us your info (Character name, Race, Class) in Game at: Fake Smile \ Guild Grandmaor 2- Log into our Site...
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Fashion Contest

Greetings everyone! 📣[FILM] is working on a new project/video; in collaboration with Gamezone Inc. Only (Human, Norn) Can participate ''Exceptions can be made for Sylvari ❗️'' you will be competing with many other players! (best looking character...
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Guilds looking for players

[Bzzz] Electrical Stick

WvW focused guild we offer:- Solid 15-20 man group- 4 Raids a week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday- Training and guidance for the new players- Competent mandatory builds and team compositions- Mature environtment with experienced playersWe as...
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