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Aurora Glade would like to inform all guilds looking to transfer to our Prime Time (1900-2300 CEST Weekdays) play hours that we are nearing capacity and queues can be expected.
We would advise guilds that wish to play Prime Time only to look at alternative servers that might be more friendly to their times needs with less chance of queues.

If however you are a guild looking to play in the off peak (Morning, Afternoon and Night) times or on weekends (All Day) then please feel free to contact us via this website or reach out to a member of the community IG who can point you to the best people to talk to.

This message is only meant to inform and to ensure both you and us can continue to enjoy the game we play.
Welcome To Aurora Glade
Welcome to Aurora Glade's community website and teamspeak.

Aurora Glade is a server that has a healthy variety in playstyles and community members. We have well known guilds and lesser known guilds, of the WvW, PvE and sPvP communities, as well as a good pool of friendlies.

In PvE we have some awesome events and community leaders, with seasonal server events and organized World Boss events.

In WvW we have some well known guilds, and some brilliant "PUG" raid leaders, placing us among the best of our tier.

Our website and teamspeak is open for use by all the guilds of Aurora Glade to discuss and plan things for the different game aspects of the community, as well as a place to bring it all together and enjoy each other's company and make new friends.


To sign up for the website you may first have to join Shivtr, and then apply, both buttons are located at the top right of your screen.

Existing shivtr users can log in then apply to join the site.
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